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            Closing Cost

            一個關閉成本是一個付款,最后確定一個家庭貸款,是獨立的首付. 閱讀關于關閉成本,他們的目的,你如何支付他們和更多點擊下面學習更多.
            Closing Costs Thumbnail


            交易結束時,房產的所有權就正式從賣方轉移到你手中. This may involve you, the seller, real estate agents, your attorney, the lender’s attorney, title or escrow firm representatives, clerks, secretaries, and other staff. 如果你不能出席閉幕會議,你可以請一位律師代表你.e., if you’re out-of-state. 成交時間可以從1小時到幾個小時不等,取決于購買要約中的應急條款, or any escrow accounts needing to be set up.

            大多數的文書工作都是由律師和房地產專家完成的. You may or may not be involved in some of the closing activities; it depends on who you are working with.

            Prior to closing you should have a final inspection, 或“巡視”,以確保所要求的維修被執行, 同意留在房子里的物品也在那里,比如窗簾, lighting fixtures, etc.

            在大多數州,結算是由產權公司或托管公司完成的,你在其中轉發所有的材料和信息,加上適當的銀行支票,以便公司可以進行必要的支付. 你的代表將把支票交給賣方,然后把鑰匙交給你.

            這些費用你必須支付給州和地方機構, 即使你用現金買了房子,也不需要AG8手机客户端:

            Transfer Taxes -一些地方要求將所有權和契約從賣方轉讓給買方.

            Deed Recording Fees -支付縣書記員登記契據和AG8手机客户端的費用, and to change the property tax billing.

            Pro-Rated Taxes 例如學校稅和市政稅可能需要在買家和賣家之間分攤,因為它們在一年的不同時間到期. For example, if taxes are due in October and you close in August, you would owe taxes for 2-months, and the seller would owe for the other 10-months. 按比例納稅通常是根據擁有的天數,而不是月份來支付的. 一些貸方可能會要求你建立一個托管賬戶來支付這些賬單. If not, 你可能想自己設立一個,以確保為這些重要的費用留出資金.

            State & Local Fees – Other state and local mortgage taxes and fees may apply.

            可能會向檢查員或保險公司等其他人支付費用, even if you paid cash for the property:

            Attorney Fees – You may want to hire an attorney when purchasing a home. 他們通常收取售價的一個百分比,最高可達1%, or some work on an hourly basis or for a flat fee.

            Title Search Costs -通常你的律師會執行或安排產權搜索,以確保沒有諸如留置權或有關財產的訴訟等障礙. 或者你可以與產權公司合作,核實清楚的產權.

            Homeowner's Insurance -大多數貸款人要求你提前支付房主保險的第一年保費, sometimes called hazard insurance, and must show proof of payment at the closing. 這確保了即使財產被破壞,投資也會得到保障.

            Real Estate Agent's Sales Commission – The seller pays the real estate agent's commission, and if one agent lists the property and another sells it, the commission is usually split. 傭金在賣方和代理商之間可以協商.

            大多數人都會將交易成本與AG8手机客户端機構收取的融資費用聯系起來. The charges you pay will vary among lenders, 因此,最好是貨比三家,尋找最佳的AG8手机客户端期限和結售期組合, or settlement costs:

            Origination Fee -處理按揭申請可能會有固定費用, or a percentage of the mortgage loan.

            Credit Report -大多數貸款人要求你和你的配偶或權益合伙人的信用報告. This fee is often a part of the origination fee.

            Points -一分等于借款金額的1%,可在貸款批準前或結算時支付. 積分可以與賣方共享,可在購買要約中協商. 一些貸款人會讓你融資點,這將增加抵押成本. 如果你預先支付積分,他們在他們支付的那一年是免稅的. Different deductibility rules apply to second home loans.

            Lender's Attorney's Fees -讓你的律師起草文件,并確保標題清晰, and for representation at the closing.

            Document Preparation Fees -在購房過程中,從申請到結束,需要準備一些文件和文件. 貸款人可能會為此收費,或者這些費用可能包括在申請和/或律師費中.

            Preparation of Amortization Schedule -一些貸款人會為你的整個AG8手机客户端期限準備一份詳細的分期償還. 這通常適用于固定AG8手机客户端或可調整AG8手机客户端.

            Land Survey -貸款人可能要求對財產進行調查,以確保其沒有被侵占,并核實財產的建筑和改善情況.

            Appraisals -專業估價師可以將該房產的價值與最近售出的其他社區房產進行比較. 放款人想要確定房產值AG8手机客户端的價值.

            Lender's Mortgage Insurance – If your down payment is 20% or less, 許多貸款人要求你購買私人抵押保險(PMI)貸款金額. 如果你拖欠貸款,貸方會收回他們的錢. 這些保險費將一直持續到你付清本金為止, 再加上相當于售價的20%的首付,并可能在貸款的整個生命周期內持續支付. 保險費通常會加到你必須為稅收和房屋所有者保險保管的金額中.

            Lender's Title Insurance – Even with a title search for any property obstacles, liens or lawsuits, 許多貸款人需要保險來保護他們的AG8手机客户端投資. This is a 1-time insurance premium usually paid at closing, and is for the lender only, not the homebuyer.

            Release Fees -如果賣方與一個對房屋有留置權的承包商合作,并期望從房屋銷售收益中獲得報酬, there may be fees to release the lien. 賣方通常支付這些費用,這些費用可以在購買要約中協商.

            Inspections Required by Lenders -如果你申請FHA或VAAG8手机客户端,貸款人可能會要求進行白蟻檢查. In many rural areas a water test may be required to ensure the well and water system will maintain an adequate water supply to the house; for quantity not quality. 根據銷售合同和物業類型,可能需要進行額外的檢查.

            Prepaid Interest – The first regular mortgage payment is usually due from 6-8 weeks from closings; however, interest costs begin at closing time. 貸方會計算這段時間所欠的利息, and that fraction of interest is sometimes due at closing.

            Escrow Account – Lenders often require that you set-up an Escrow Account, where you will make monthly payments to, for taxes, homeowner's insurance, and sometimes PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). 結帳時存入該帳戶的金額取決于何時繳納物業稅以及結算交易的時間. 貸款人可以在你申請AG8手机客户端的過程中給你一個成本估算值.

            其他預付費用的主要部分是你在購買報價時的保證金或粘合劑, the remaining cash down payment you make at closing, or can include:

            Inspections – Lenders may require inspections, 你可以根據其他檢查的滿意程度來報價,比如結構檢查, water quality tests, septic, termite, roof and radon tests. You and the seller can negotiate these inspection fees.

            Owner's Title Insurance -你可能想購買產權保險,以防不可預見的問題,這樣你就不會因不再擁有的財產而欠下AG8手机客户端. A thorough title search ensures a clear title.

            Appraisal Fees -在你簽署購買要約之前,你可能想雇傭一個估價師, or after reviewing the lender's appraisal report.

            Money to the Seller -你需要為那些你想要的東西付錢,而這些東西在購買時并沒有提到,比如電器, light fixtures, drapes, lawn furniture, or fuel oil and propane left in tanks.

            Moving Expenses – If you are changing jobs, your new employer may pay for your relocation, 否則,你必須把卡車租金等搬家費用算進去, professional movers, cash for utility deposits like telephone, cable, electricity, etc.

            Escrow Account Funds – In the purchase offer, 你可以要求賣家建立一個托管賬戶,以支付任何主要清理費用, radon mitigation procedures, house painting, appliance repairs, etc. 根據采購要約合同和應急條款, you may discover that you have expenses upon moving in.

            Example: 你們的采購報價合同中有一項條款,要求以滿意的結構檢查為條件進行采購, and it’s determined that the house needs a new roof. 你可以協商讓賣家安排工作,但是, this will delay the closing date. 你可能不得不同意一個更高的價格的房子,或支付一些新的屋頂維修費用. 或者你和賣家可以根據你選擇的承包商的估算來分攤費用, and each of you will put funds into an Escrow Account. Or, 賣主可能愿意降低房屋的售價, but either way cash will be needed for the new roof.

            Time Investment -人們通常會忽略購買房屋的前期主要費用. The time and expenses invested in house-hunting, which can take up to 4-months, 再加上花時間為你尋找最好的AG8手机客户端, the right real estate agent, an attorney, and other related things that take up your valuable time.

            《AG8手机客户端》(RESPA)包含有關您可能面臨的結算或結算成本的信息. Within 3-days from the time of your mortgage application, 你的貸款方需要根據他們對你的購買合同的理解,向你提供一份“結算成本的善意估計”(GFE). 這個估計值將表明你需要多少現金在關閉,以覆蓋按比例納稅, first month's interest, and other settlement costs.

            RESPA要求貸款人給你一個關于結算成本的信息小冊子,由美國.S. Department of Housing & 闡述了城市發展如何談判銷售合同, ways to work with professionals like attorneys, real estate agents, lenders, etc, and your given rights as a home buyer. 它給出了一個在你的結算時使用統一結算報表的例子. 您有權在交易結束前1個工作日查看報表副本,該報表顯示您的最終成本.