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Loan Process

The first step 獲得貸款就是決定你能借多少錢.? 在買房的情況下,你應該確定你能買多少房子 afford even before you begin looking. 通過回答幾個簡單的問題,AG8手机客户端將計算 你的購買力,基于標準的貸方準則.

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你也可以選擇獲得預先批準的貸款,這需要核實 of your income, credit, assets and liabilities.? It is recommended that 在你開始尋找你的新房子之前,你得到了預先批準,所以你:?

  1. Look for properties within your range.
  2. 在與賣方談判時處于有利地位(賣方知道你的貸款已經被批準).
  3. Close your loan quicker

More on Pre-Qualification
???? LTV and Debt-to-Income Ratios
???? FICO? Credit Score
???? Self Employed Borrower
???? Source of down payment

LTV and Debt-to-Income Ratios
LTV或貸款與價值比率是貸款人的最大風險 is willing to accept in financing your purchase. Lenders are usually prepared 將更高比例的貸款價值,甚至高達100% creditworthy borrowers. Another consideration in approving the maximum 對特定借款人的貸款額是每月債務的比率 payments (such as auto and personal loans) to income. Rule of thumb states 你每月的按揭付款不應超過你每月總還款的三分之一 income. 因此,負債收入比高的借款人需要支付a 更高的首付,從而有資格獲得更低的貸款價值比率.

FICO? Credit Score
FICO?信用評分被幾乎所有類型的貸款人廣泛使用 credit decision. It is a quantified measure of creditworthiness of an 它是由Fair開發的數學模型衍生而來的 Isaac and Company in San Rafael, California. FICO? scores reflect credit 與一般人群相比,個體的風險. It 是基于許多因素,包括過去的支付歷史,總計 借款金額,信用記錄的長度,尋找新的信用,和 type of credit established. When you begin shopping around for a new 信用卡或貸款,每次貸款人運行你的信用報告 adversely effects your credit score. It is, therefore, advisable that you 只有在你有信用報告之后,才授權貸款人/經紀人運行你的信用報告 chosen to apply for a loan through them.

Self Employed Borrowers
個體經營者往往會發現,要做到這一點有更大的障礙 borrowing for them than an employed person. For many conventional lenders 借錢給個體經營者的問題是要記錄申請人的 income. 有工作的申請人可以向貸款人提供工資單,貸款人 can verify the information through their employer. In the absence of such 可驗證的就業記錄,貸款人依賴于所得稅申報單 they typically require for 2 years.

Source of Down Payment
貸款機構預計借款人會拿出足夠的現金來應對下滑 借款人在融資時應支付的款項和其他費用 loan. 一般來說,首付要求是用借款人的存款來支付的. If a borrower 如果沒有規定的首付,他們可能會收到“捐贈基金”,由一個可接受的捐贈人提供 簽署聲明資優基金毋須退還之信件.

Home loans come in many shapes and sizes. Deciding which loan makes the most 了解你的財務狀況和目標意味著了解 benefits of each.? Whether you are buying a home or refinancing, there are 2 basic types of home loans. Each has different reasons you'd choose them.

1) Fixed Rate Mortgage

固定利率AG8手机客户端的期限通常為15年或30年. Throughout 那些年,利率和月供保持不變.? You would select this type of loan when you:

  • Plan to live in home more than 7 years
  • 比如固定本金/利息支付的穩定性
  • 我不想冒以后每月還款增加的風險
  • Think your income and spending will stay the same

2) Adjustable Rate Mortgage

可調利率AG8手机客户端(通常稱為ARMs)通常持續15或30年 years, just like fixed rate mortgages. But during those years, the interest rate on the loan may go up or down. Monthly payments increase or decrease.? You would select this type of loan when you:

  • Plan to stay in your home less than 5 years
  • 不要介意你的月供定期變化(上升或下降)
  • 對未來可能增加的付款風險感到舒適
  • 我認為未來你的收入可能會增加

By carefully considering the above factors and 尋求AG8手机客户端的專業建議,您應該能夠選擇 一筆貸款,符合你現在的條件和你未來的財務狀況 goals.

雖然貸款人遵循政府機構制定的標準,貸款批準 guidelines vary depending on the terms of each loan. In general, approval is based 有兩個因素:你償還貸款的能力和意愿以及房產的價值.

一旦收到您的貸款申請,AG8手机客户端將立即開始貸款審批程序. 你的貸款處理人員將核實你所提供的所有信息. If 任何不符之處,無論是處理人員還是您的信貸員 will troubleshoot to straighten them out.? This information includes:

Income/Employment Check
Is your income sufficient to cover monthly payments?? Industry guidelines are used to evaluate your income and your debts.
Credit Check
What is your ability to repay debts when due?? Your credit report is reviewed to determine the type and terms of previous loans. Any lapses or delays in payment are considered and must be explained.
Asset Evaluation
Do you have the funds necessary to make the down payment and pay closing costs??
Property Appraisal
Is there sufficient value in the property? The property is appraised to determine market value. Location and zoning play a part in the evaluation.
Other Documentation
In some cases, additional 在作出最終決定之前可能需要文檔 regarding your loan approval.


  1. Fill out your loan application completely. You may use our online forms to expedite the process.
  2. 及時響應任何額外文件的要求 如果你的利率是鎖定的,或者如果你的貸款要在某個日期結束.
  3. Do not move money into or from your bank accounts without a paper trail. 如果你從朋友、家人或其他親戚那里收到錢, please prepare a gift letter and contact us.
  4. 在你的貸款結束前不要做任何大的購買.? Purchases cause your 債務增加,可能對你的當前有不利影響 application.
  5. 不要在貸款截止日期前后出城. If you plan to be 出了城,你可能想簽一份委托書.

在你的貸款被批準后,你準備簽署最后的貸款文件. You must review the documents 在簽約之前,確保利率和貸款條款與你所承諾的一致. Also, 核實貸款文件上的姓名和地址是否準確. The signing normally takes place in front of a notary public.

還有一些與獲得AG8手机客户端和轉讓財產所有權相關的費用 you will be expected to pay at closing. 如果需要支付首付和結帳費用,請帶一張收銀員支票 required. Personal checks are normally not accepted. 你還需要出示你的房主的保險 政策,以及任何其他要求,如洪水保險,加上付款證明.

你的貸款通常會在你簽署貸款文件后不久結束. On owner occupied refinance 貸款交易聯邦法律要求你在貸款前有3天的時間來審查文件 transaction can close.

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